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Friday, 5 April 2013

What is Eucharisteo?

This is my first post- the first of many I hope.
I'm not very consistent in my blogs, emails, or even Facebook- but I'll try to be better for this.

Maybe your first question as you begin reading this post or even come upon this blog, is this; why is the blog called Little Thoughts and Eucharisteo? 
I wanted to begin something that people could see and be inspired. I wanted something that has been impacting my life to

impact someone else's... I want to share something with the world, a part of my life.
This thing- eucharisteo- should be a part of all of our lives, impacting and changing them. Eucharisteo is connected with these two important words-  the Greek word Charis, meaning grace - and Chara- joy. Isn't it interesting though, how those closely connected to eucharisteo- meaning thanksgiving?
I first heard about this word about two weeks ago. I had gotten together one morning with my awesome mentor (who is much more than that-) Hannah, and another awesome friend Catriona, for a mini Bible-study thing. It's the One Thousand Gifts mini series Bible Study by Ann Voskamp. The first thing that Ann began talking about on the video was that thing Eucharisteo. Well ok, yeah, thanksgiving is part of our lives. What’s so special about eucharisteo?

Basically, what I’ve learned so far through that Bible study (and we’ve only done two sessions) is that thanksgiving is absolutely vital to our walk with God, our faith, our prayer life, and our happiness. Soooo, what’s the big deal exactly?

Gosh, I wouldn’t be able to spend enough time elaborating on all of those things. Thanksgiving- how can I say enough? 
Our walk with God- An analogy: Jeanne and Robert were twins, brother and sister in in a small family. It was getting toward Christmas time, and both children always looked forward to the holidays, Jeanne for the celebrations and Robert for the gifts. One Christmas morning, both jumped out of their bed and raced down the stairs to the living room where the small tree sat. Parents watched lovingly as the children began ripping open presents, then watched in great interest as the differences between the two children came distinctly clear. Jeanne would open her presents, marvel at them, then turn her eyes to her parents and almost shouted ‘thank you’ each time as joy lit up her face. It warmed her parents’ hearts to know they were blessing their child and providing joy for her through the gifts. Robert, however, practically plowed through his presents, barely taking time to pause and look at the beautiful things before moving on to the next. His parents became discouraged by the way he was treating his fragile gifts, and they wondered if it really was worthwhile to buy him things if he didn’t take time to appreciate them. 
I wonder if God feels the way these parents did when we barely take time to give thanks for even the small gifts of life before moving on. I mean, sure He keeps giving us gifts, but really- does He enjoy it if we aren't giving thanks? 
But when we do, I think we draw so much closer to God. When we are able to give thanks for the little things in life, when we appreciate what God has given us, we draw so much closer to His heart. Our eyes are opened and we realize again just how much He loves us, and once we realize that His Joy is going to fill our hearts! Thanksgiving is like a trip wire, or like the first domino in a line of dominos. 

Thanksgiving is an eye opener, which leads to realization of His Love, which then pushes over into Joy, which spills out of our hearts blessing others, which in turn leads them to Christ and the list goes on and on... The circle goes around....
Maybe the equation could look something like this;
Thanksgiving > Eye Opener > Realization of Love > Joy > More Blessings > More Thankfulness

So, as an answer to the first question, why is this blog called little thoughts and eucharisteo, it's because I constantly want to be giving thanks. I want to write down my little thoughts, at the same time as I'm thanking God for the simple, complex, beautiful ugly life around me. Throughout these blogs, you'll be seeing different lists of gratitude, as well as different thoughts on different things, and small glimpses into my life. 
On the list, I'm going to start with number one and work my way through one thousand. I'm keeping it in a journal, but I think it will be fun to be blogging them too.  

Here are the first:

1. Full moon at twilight

2. The family cat, Meggie

3. Quiet morning devotions with God

I want a whole new worlds opened to me- the spiritual, and the physical. Because in both we receive our gifts. In both we are thankful to the Most High.

I guess before I finish this post I better say something about myself.

My name is Kara. I, believe it or not, live in Africa. I guess you could call me an MK, missionary kid, though it's more like missionary teen now. I've lived in Uganda for almost three years now, and even in the painful, ugly, tough times, I'm grateful for every moment. Every pang of regret, every scratch of rejection from loved ones, every beautiful sunrise and every thunderstorm (yes, even the ones that create lakes in our bedrooms), all the fresh new mornings I'm grateful for. 

I hope you get to know me more through these posts, some of my struggles, all of my joys. And I pray not only will you begin to know me more, but know Jesus even better through these. 

4. Silly pictures with Siblings

5. Blogging simple truths

"Rejoice! Again I say, rejoice! Let your gentleness be evident to all. Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, with prayer and petition,  with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the PEACE of God, which transcends understanding, will  guard your hearts and your minds IN CHRIST JESUS."
Phillipians  4:4-7

Grace, the foundation of Eucharisteo, the precedent of Joy

In Christ,


  1. Kara, I am so impressed with your blog. I discovered Eucharisteo 10 days ago. I love your thoughts on it.

    1. Thank you! Eucharisteo is becoming a really important part in my life, as I hope it is in yours. Keep updated, hopefully I'll have more thoughts later!!!

  2. I was reading my devotions this morning and I wanted to research more about the word Eucharisteo. I googled and found your blog. I was reading One Thousand Gifts Devotional as you also do. I am so thankful I found your blog/absolutely one of my blessings today.

    1. Cannot believe I didn't see your comment until today. Thank you! I'm glad I could be a blessing, and know that this also encourages me so much :) stay rooted in HIS joy!

  3. Ann's first book was wonderful !!! Have you read her book "The Broken Way" yet? You must read it is awesome sister in law and I are reading it together and doing a study on it . Love your site by the way ...keep on posting and have a blessed day !!!!

    1. I most definitely will check it out! I've heard only good things about it! Thank you so much!