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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Brothers. Enough Said.

I love my life.

Don't get me wrong- I'm not being sarcastic...

Ok, well sort of.

There are times where it gets really very tiring to live with (almost) three teenage boys in the house. Yes, I'm the only girl besides my mom.

So I think by the time I leave for college, I will have been fully trained for the, can I say, atrocities? of living with men who like to tease me unmercifully.
Where's a twin sister when you need one?

Actually I have plenty of sisters. Just no permanent ones that are constantly around the house to help me fend off the boys.
Patience is a virtue, right? I guess I'm not always very virtuous then...
Oh but I'm thankful. These having these guys in the house has let me see what it's like to have a big brother or two or three- even though it's not always pleasant at times (you people with big brothers should know what I mean). It's made me realize even more what brotherly/sisterly love is, without having to fight all the time.
I think most importantly having these other brothers in the house has brought me, in a way, closer to my  little biological brother, Micah. We don't fight as much these days, though it might be                   mostly because now we have someone else to fight with... But still. I don't feel as alienated from him, or feel like I'm the enemy so much any more. Maybe he's just growing up, or God's changing both of us, or I'm no longer the only one to pick a fight with-

 Or all of the above.

If anybody has any older brothers or younger ones, then they know what family war is all about. Well ok, may be war, but it's all fun and games (except when someone gets hurt ;) Like when someone puts ice down your back, or jumps out of a doorway to scare you. I've learned the art of tripping someone as they walk by (not so that they fall, that's just downright mean), practiced (kind) verbal retaliation (My dad's dad knows how good I am at that), and I've learned to serve.

But it requires patience. Yeah, a lot of patience.
Especially when one of the guys refuses, at times, to use his indoor voice in order to be 'funny', which, sometimes it is. Other times it can get extreme. Haha, I really wish I could post a video or two of some hysterical moments in this house hold. Often I've laughed so hard at my family that I've cried.

Even though we have our fun moments though, we aren't perfect. Sometimes the going is tough when we fight- or don't fight as it is sometimes. But every one of those times is all God given, every one of these people are God given- every laugh and frustration, every joy and hardship. God's GRACE is sufficient to bring us through each of these times- and we give thanks for

6. Brothers:

7. Our family! Biological and extended

And even through all this, I have learned to build relationships more and more with my other sisters and mentors outside of my family. I'll need them, when my house is full of boys and I begin to loose my patience. Thank you Jesus, for allowing me this great pleasure of living in Africa, thank you for this blessing. 
8. Uganda


The foundation of 


The precedent of



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  1. Such a great update, Kara!! Love you and love your heart for our extended family!!