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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Always the Little Things

As I reflect back on this weekend- it really is the little things that count.

We always hear the saying "stop and smell the roses". It's actually really full of wisdom. When we go through life, we're so often pre-occupied by the big things, the important things. The things that demand our attention. We're battered by the world, pressured into having to have media- like Facebook, Twitter, HDTV, iPhones, iPods, Pinterest (yes that would be me), even bloggers! In fact, we're so battered that we don't realize why we're so exhausted. We don't realize why we're so run down... Well, it's simple. We're run down, exhausted, tired, emotionally battered, because we've been running and pushing ourselves further and further, not pausing to walk only pausing to sleep for a few hours. The worst thing is, most of us are even running injured!

Things go past so quickly we only have time to think, 'oh, that's nice.' Then all of a sudden we're moving on to the next thing. Then the next thing, and the next... and the next... until we look up and realize we've missed something. Maybe we've missed ourselves?

Let me tell you something. That has been my life.

I've taken moments to stop and look and listen, but I'm far from it being a constant thing. Far from being constant communication with the one who has created me.

I was reminded on Sunday just how much God looks after me, especially when my expectations of humans is not met.

You know, for us girls, we have the natural instinct to need to be watched over and taken care of. So when all my guy friends ran off back home and left me to carry three basketballs with a bike all by myself, I'm naturally going to feel a bit sad.

What happens next just proves that God does exactly that- He watches over me and takes care of me.

Four little blessings came running up to me. Four smiling brown-eyed kids not even taller than my waist bounded over and wanted to help with all I was carrying. Soon we were moving down the road, three small bundles of energy carrying the balls, and a serious determined older brother (still small :) pushed the bike.
I marveled at how quick God is to move sometimes. He saw me sad, questioning to myself if I was even worth helping, and he sends these four little kids to completely unburden me from what I was carrying! I'm shaking my head even now because God's timing is so perfect. His love so sweet. His eyes are constantly watching me, and I was and am so grateful to be swinging my arms, unburdened, down that road and the road of life. Because Jesus' yoke is lighter than mine.

12. Little Blessings

13. Being always able to look up